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Credit will get you the lower interest rates on cars, homes and different types of credit in general and in this article I will share with you some techniques for restoring your credit score and rating to get approved for cars, homes and credit cards.

It is first of all important to keep in mind that a good credit rating is more than not having negative items on your report but also having a history of positive items as well. You need a balance of both in order to have a good credit standing.

If you do not have any accounts on your credit report that are in good standing, you would need to obtain at least one as part of your repair efforts. The best way to get an account with less than perfect account is to apply for a secure credit card. There are a lot out there that are made for the purpose for repairing credit ratings and will show on your credit report as a good account.

The next step would be to deal with negative items on your credit report and there are different approaches you can use to get this done. If you have collection accounts that are pretty old you can try “challenging” them with the credit bureaus. If they are older than seven years they need to be removed according to the law.

Another option is to try negotiating with the collection company to have them deleted in exchange for a settlement. A lot of these collection agencies will agree to settle for an amount less than the total BUT the only way this is beneficial to you is if you can have the account deleted from your credit report.

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